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"A Father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow."

As important as the wedding is for the bride and groom, it is also an emotional day for parents. It's a wonderful day when both fathers will be seeing their children reach a new life process. Even the hardest dads are breaking down and watching their beloved daughter getting married or their son take a flight to perform new duties. All this does not prevent them from picking the best and stunning venue and arrangements for their children big days. Every dad is a hero after all - a pillar and a backbone and it's priceless to see a tearful moment before the wedding of her daughter or at the ceremony! And here's our favorite wedding portraits of our daddy's daughter just in time for the day of Dad, purely because we love our fathers too.

On the wedding day, the father and daughter always shared an emotional moment and it we always try our best to capture everything perfectly.

Let's dive into some more candid shots which we recently took from our events.

Warning these pictures will make you smile and melts your heart.

He has been making you laugh since you were a little baby, no matter how old are you , It's the inside joke between you and your father that nobody else thinks funny, but you both just can't always contain your laughter.

Giving away your daughter to someone, giving your little girl hands to someone else, what a hurtful moment that must be, thousand thoughts must be wandering in his mind.

Father's have this tendecy that they don't spend much on their selves, they are always looking out for their family. On your big day make sure to buy him a perfect sherwani.

Saying goodbye for the last time , must be the hardest moment for any father, like in this picture which we captured very candidly, ruba's father hugging and letting her go with her husband.

Having a perfect picture with your father is definitely a big task, keeping in my mind that fathers are always busy on the wedding day making sure that all the arrangement are being done perfectly.

Father's bond with their chilldern is very speical, and undescribable.