Planning and pulling off a wedding without a hitch is not a small coup. Weddings are one of the grandest yet stressful occasions in one’s life which everybody happily accepts. It is a colorful story of a couple known for the glamour, glitz, and sheer wherewithal. It is a source of nourishing the bond between families, friends thereby giving them a chance to sit together, party and celebrate. Traditionally and by nature weddings are planned with great detailing and care. The brides’ anguish over the location, décor, dress, and other arrangements to mark their wedding day as “THE DAY” of their life.

In the 21st century, nowadays families are more open to different ideas probing them to think out of the box, have the most unique wedding in the family to set examples for the rest or be talked about by others. Traditionally, a heavy budget was set to do a typical desi wedding in which multiple functions were held by both the families individually and a heavy amount was waved off with the bride in the form of cash and kind. Currently, the couple tends to save the extra amount that was to be added in the wedding expenditure and plan a foreign honeymoon trip instead.

Outdoor shoots are also trending these days in Pakistan where the couple manages to document their memories in the most fancy, glamorous way as possible so as to cherish those moments later down the road. Cutting a wedding cake is yet another practice which people are adopting from the west where the bride and groom are expected to cut a cake on their reception welcoming the start of the second phase of their lives with each other. Not only this but brides are thrown a bridal shower by their girlfriends in which the bride does all the things which she possibly cannot do after marriage ranging from dancing to doing all fun and weird stuff, again a ritual inspired by the west. A wedding however is always colorless without those epic mehndi dances where both the sides put together a dance show off for entertainment and to add life to the wedding. Apart from enjoying the wedding beats, dress, jewelry, the bride also demands for a special entry of her before she reaches the groom, so the traditional theme this year is a fancy sheet of flowers or a flower cart called “palki”. Self-entry via bikes, rickshaws tied up with bells to give a sounding effect to the entry also adds up to the glamorous entrance. Variety of food is served in the wedding since forever but now serving post dinner sweets also adds to the “uniqueness” or “wow factor” of the wedding where massive dessert tables are set up for the wedding containing variety of desserts like doughnut walls, cookies table, cupcake towers, as well as chocolate fountains.

The wedding day indeed is the most precious day that comes in one’s life and in order to make this single day more pleasant, beautiful and memorable the families strive to bring their best to the table and by knowing the latest wedding trends, one can achieve a congenial wedding!