On the run to make the life after marriage as lively as the glamorous wedding portrait was, the excited couples set out in search of perfect romantic escapes to start a new phase of their upcoming lives by making memories.

It is a time to unwind with your partner, away from the families, jobs and day-to-day life. Usually, a once in a life time trip that one will remember forever so the newlyweds strive to make it as perfect as possible ranging from good attire to tasty food and bizarre viewpoints. To manage all of this, a good heavy budget is all you need specifically when you are from Pakistan. Fulfilling the visa requirements, hiring different agents and going through all the hassle is a tiring job in itself which might kill the mood of the couple beforehand. But why go through the ruffle and heavy expenditure of travelling to international destinations when your own home country is so outlandishly filled with breathtaking views.

Pakistan offers many exotic places to create memories with your loved ones. It is a land of beauty. We bring together 5 loving places of Pakistan for an enchanting experience as a newlywed.

1 - Murree : 

It is one of the popular hill stations of Pakistan known for its scenic, relaxing atmosphere. The broad view captured from the chairlift is no less than a treat to your eyes. The Mall road in Murree is the busiest with diversified shops but yet a perfect place to spoil and pamper your partner.

2 - Fairy Meadows : 

It is like a bouquet of flowers kept before the towering mountain, Nanga Parbat where its legends are kept alive as told by the villagers. It is the valley of dreams where the cherry blossom trees put on an extravagant show in the summers and the snow-covered mountains create a scene straight out of a snow globe in winter making it perfect for couples.

3 - Malam Jabba : 

A perfect place to add some adventure in your honeymoon trip. The ski resort at malam jabba is an attraction for many. It is known as the skiing hub of Pakistan where the visitors can enjoy the snowfall while gorgeous sunsets await the newlyweds.

4 - Kaghan Valley : 

It is an aesthetic valley with dazzling alpine scenery and the great Himalayan pines adds to its glorious sight. The valley is an attraction to many couples giving you a chance to visit the famous Saif-ul-Mulook Lake where you ought to sit back and enjoy the exotic view.

5 - Jagran Valley : 

A place in the Neelum Valley district of Pakistan just 58 km away from the city of Muzaffarabad. This guest house has facilities no less than a 5 star hotel including hot water and comfortable centrally heated rooms disconnecting the newlyweds from the outer world thereby allowing them to enjoy in a cozy environment.