Outdoor photoshoot has become a new trend in Pakistan these days , whether it's a pre wed shoot , or post wedding shoot , in fact some couples are also opt for the same day daylight shoot as of their wedding. At The Shaadi Filmers, our aim is to create and do something unique for each of our client and make them remember their big day forever. Photography and cinematography plays a vital role in any shoot. The correct lightings, an angle, framing etc. are vital things which are important to keep in check, but what about the couple, what are the necessary things they should do before the shoot. We are here today to guide you about your outdoor photoshoot day.

Without further ado, here we present the best Pakistani wedding themes of 2020 which you must consider if you're planning a wedding this year, as this global pandemic of the corona has already disturbed us, brides now have much time on their hands to figure out different ideas.

We've curated a list of 5 best Pakistani wedding themes of 2020 which are unique and stand out from the crowd and makes your wedding, the wedding of the year.

Time Management

Time plays a key role, whether it's a bride reaching her salon or groom getting his facial done, you both need to identify that timing is everything, if you are opting for daylight shoot then the best idea is to get done from salons around 3-4 pm and reach your photoshoot venue around 4-5 pm, this way you can get enough time to pose and photographers can get the golden hour feel, because trust us we really die for that sun flare.


All the brides listen up, make up plays essential role in your pictures and videos, ask your make-up artist to do something if you are karachite then you know the humidity, make sure to ask your MUA to use products which can keep intact your makeup, and you can keep looking gorgeous after your photoshoot, because you have a big fat wedding waiting for you right after the shoot.

Choosing Venue

Choosing a perfect venue is quite difficult for any couple, so we have listed down some of the best locations in Karachi for your same day photoshoot. Apart from this people also opt for beaches , for their post or pre wed shoot , because that is something very unique your experience will be great , couple event select's different outfits for their shoot.


What to pose during your couple outdoor portrait session is the most hectic thing to do so we are here to help you, the best thing you can do is it discuss everything with your photographer prior to the shoot so there will be that comfort level. We as a photographer would love to discuss what our client wants. It's easy and convenient for both parties. On a day of couple shoot we ask our client to just talk with each other, praise each other in fact crack a joke or two, to make them laugh get that candid feelings we try our best to do anything in our capacities. A casual talk helps both the couple and us to start with. As you guys settle down we will also understand what angles suits you best.

  • A Casual Walk
  • We let couple to just walk as they talk. By now most couples are comfortable with the location, with the photographer and mentally prepared for the shoot ahead the day. We take a back shot of them walking. It just indicates there is a long journey you both would travel together.

  • Silhouette shots
  • Golden hour is the most favorite for any photographer. And that is the best time for a silhouette shot as well. There is no couple who will hate silhouette shot. Something that brings a wow factor to them. We never miss this.

  • Looking at each other
  • This is really important. Many says love starts from eyes and as a photographer we strongly believe in this. Every time we ask a couple to look at each other, the love just flows. This gets romantic, and results are amazing. This also makes the couple more comfortable within themselves and this is when they start to forget the existence of the photographer and that's what we really want. Some brides blush, some Men smile and this is when we really get some amazing candid images.

  • Hug from behind
  • We make sure that whatever comes and shows at the couple face is their true feelings not something which we asked or which is fake, so we Know when to ask what. Hugging shots will always show their care for each other and they will surely cherish it always.

  • Detailing
  • This is again something every couple loves in fact bride loves it bit too much. There can be a few close up shots of things that shows their intimacy. Their engagement ring, the holding hands, just the legs together and they will just love it.

  • Include the location
  • Well ultimately, the couple has chosen that location for some reason therefore we make sure the location is established as well. Never always go with close up shots. Go wide and wider as a result it just gives beautiful images.

  • Lifting Shots
  • First of all, girls always loved to be lifted. When your loved one lifts you, it means everything to the bride. And if that moment is going to be freezed? Be sure they will definitely want to frame it.

  • With the Props
  • Props just add beauty to the frame. Props just add value to the picture. It can be a hat or a book in their hand or something other than the just two. It can bring life to the frame. You can also add people or actions in the frame which becomes more realistic.

  • Kissing shot
  • The last yet the most liked. A kiss can replace many words and action. A shoot without a kissing shot is incomplete. The couple now are so in love already enjoying the photoshoot and this is the right time for them to go speechless. Kissing shot will remain close to the heart, which shows their love, their intimacy and it's just pure. Never ever miss a kissing shot.

    Don't always go for resort or a beach or a park. Probably Plan something out of the box. Be unusual. A love in the bus, love in the train, or anything which is concept based. Seems like an interesting plan? You can also tell stories with images. Never settle with what you get. Get out of the comfort zone to plan exceptional things so you are not one among the crowd.

    And finally, we The Shaadi Filmers love what we do, yet we make sure we do it the way client loves us. We strongly believe that get going and never fear. Only when you step out and try, things seems like working.