Nikkah events are always very close to any bride’s heart, maybe because it’s the day when you finally can call each other “MINE” or maybe it’s that feeling of belonging towards a certain individual and that feeling is something undesirable.

As these days all sorts of new trends are hitting in Pakistani weddings, whether it’s a palki trend or fireworks/phuljhari or using of photo booths. Our Pakistani weddings are getting more fun and full of lively moments.

We at The Shaadi Filmers believe in providing our clients with something unique and different. In every wedding our creative team tries our best to deliver some of the hit ideas so you can relive your memory forever and they can stay with you always. Recently at one of our client’s Nikkah our team came up with an idea which was something unique & fun. We all are aware of how important are those nikkah give away which we distribute right after the “QABOOL HAI” moment. As we have mentioned earlier how things are getting more modified these days so at this nikkah juveria who was our bride her cousin was distributing some kahjoors/dates to all the guest , so we thought why not use have a different angles to capture today and what equipment is better than GoPro for this ? , so we attached GoPro on the top of giveaway tray so we can have different angle for the shot and you can check the final version down below.

We will be introducing new ideas and creatives so keep following our blog.