"Faith makes all things possible, love makes all things easy"

We have been shooting and clicking dreams for over 5 years now, and in these amazing and creative 5 years we have got to know a LOT of special couples, who are just way beyond perfect in every way, who compliments each other, who passes all the hurdles which comes in their way of being together.

Recently we at TSF, had a pleasure to cover such an amazing couple which just makes us believe in LOVE all over again. As our bride Komal said in a testimonial "Faith makes all things possible, love makes all things easy", that is definitely a note to remember.

Faith always brings the best for you, whether it's a love of your life or any other phenomena in life. Let's dive in into Komal and John's love story, which we got to know little by little.

Their Love Story

A girl from Pakistan went to UK for studies at Bristol University in 2016, little did she know that there was a boy in her class quietly watching her, admiring her intelligence, beauty and confidence. She being an international student sitting alone and wondering, so john decided to break the ice, they talk and talk. Started to spending their time together and as we know, faith has something stored for them. Slowly and gradually they felt that they have a lot of things in common and knew that they meant something more to each other. One day John decided to move ahead and asked her to marry him, but obviously every love story has that one little setback and in this case it was a big one, cultural and traditional differences are always very difficult to cover up. Things become harder, but they remain firm, they both knew that this is something they deeply want, and when your intentions are pure you get what you want. Finally they got Nikkafied, and we The Shaadi Filmers had a pleasure of covering this beautiful ceremony of two love birds.

TSF Role In Their Story

Komal contacted us back in July, she wanted something special as they both deserve something extravaganza, so we decided to do everything in our capacity to make their wedding festive as stunning as possible. She arrived at Karachi, back in November so we make sure that we get to cover her arrival, because duh, she is the BRIDE. We get to know so much about her and her amazing family, airport shoot was very candid and full of emotions because she came back after 5 years.

We then planned to cover all the pre wed festive which were happening at her house, the dholkis, and dance rehearsals, all the fun, games, charades and obviously FOOD. In the mean time we got all the testimonials done from her family, friends, cousins and john's parent as well. They were literally the best people, and they actually love us and Pakistan, but let's be honest they all loved us more.

After the pre wed festive were done, then comes a day our favorite "Mehendi Day", theme was all purple and multi colors, dance floor was all set, colorful stage was set. We had a fun time covering all 50 dances - yes you read it right! They prepared 50 dances for their mehendi day, and man we enjoyed every bit of the event. Komal and john looked so gorgeous in their purple and multi-color attire. Here have look at their wedding film, which we have crafted very preciously making sure that every small details, expressions, smiles, laughs and tears should be covered.

22nd Dec 2019, they got hitched!! And what a beautiful ceremony it was. Everyone looked super stunning, it was one big fat wedding for sure, and guess what due to most of john's relative where in UK and couldn't make it to the wedding, and they all watched the video live. Yes you read it write, The Shaadi Filmers makes sure that nothing get missed whether it's for your distant relatives or for your best friend in UK, so by our multi camera OB system, which was actually the source of live streaming, all the relatives of john and Komal can enjoy the wedding in real time.

Watch Live Stream on Youtube

We had this amazing 3 months journey, with Komal and john- no doubt it was one of our favorite wedding from winter 2019. Here have a look at what the happy couple has to say about The Shaadi Filmers.