Weddings are always a very important chapter of your life, whether you are getting married late or getting married early, it has to be the most perfect day of your life the vendors you choose for your big day plays the key role in making it the best day of your life. Starting from event planners to deciding which caterer to choose or which photographer to go with, because trust us when we say that photographer plays a very vital role in making your event big win or a big zero, because let’s be honest it’s the memories which stays with us and what is the better way to remember your memory by looking at the your wedding pictures and videos after 10 years with your kids around.

 We at the The Shaadi Filmers always try to capture every essence of the wedding, either it’s something unique like color bombs, use of extra rose petals for the shoot, capturing event with go pro or using Insta 360 ONE X. we make sure to provide long lasting memories for our clients.

Daily we get to see something interesting in weddings. During one for our wedding coverage bride ruksati happened very differently, all of her cousins and friends gathered around and using phuljhari/fire crackers they said their good byes to the happy couple. This was something unique and interesting as well.

Another wedding the groom’s side decided to use colorful balloons to make groom’s entry more fun and interesting, wedding are supposed to be fun , an event which should be celebrated with your loved ones around you as they get to see the you starting the most beautiful journey of your life.

From Hira Mehendi we get to see a whole different sort of theme. All of her friends and cousins gathered around they were wearing glasses in which it was written team bride. Her mehendi was filed with dances and so much fun. The shaadi filmers also organized a separate photo booth for them.

In one of our client’s wedding we covered the whole arena with Insta 360 one x which is this new amazing technology, covers the 360 aspect of whole event.

Imagine if you are getting married and all one of your favorite cousin could not make it to your wedding how will you feel? Devastated? Sad? Irritated? , don’t worry because now she can watch you getting married to your one and only all the way LIVE. We have this unique idea 2 years back when one of our client discussed this with us, she really wants her best friend to attend the wedding but due to some circumstances she could not make it to the wedding. We offered her live broadcast system through which our best friend was able to see her throughout the wedding.