In Sub continent, a wedding isn't just one "big day" like in west, by word wedding in our culture, it's a series of celebrations occurring before and after the couple exchanges vows. The Mehndi or we could say mayun is one of the most vibrant and essential of the all pre wedding event festive. Let us guide you today about our take on Mehendi event.
Starting from women of the hour, the bride-to-be, to all the females in the house gather together for a fun-filled evening/night and adorn their hands with beautiful, flower, birds, and abstract henna design patterns. One of the most important and fun pre-wedding ceremonies in Pakistani marriages are defiantly mehendi.
Applying mehendi to the bride before the wedding is one of the oldest Pakistani wedding traditions. Without mehendi, in short our weddings are totally incomplete. The mehendi ceremony entails an elaborate application of mehendi designs on a bride’s hands and feet. 
Mehendi ceremony is a most vibrant, colorful, musical and lively celebration in desi weddings. Different families have different traditions and customs during the ceremony. It is mostly held a day before the Shaadi day. In Pakistani culture mehendi sometimes happens twice or sometimes event thrice, one is celebrated by groom side, one celebrated by bride and one combined mehendi also happens. It is an occasion mixed with the usual dancing, feasting, rasams and so much more.
In our desi weddings it’s one of our very old tradition that intricate design of the bride's mehendi, the groom’s name or his initials are also hidden and groom has to find his name on his wife’ hand. There are various different games for the couples and for the guests to allow all the people to have fun as mehendi event is all about fun and enjoyment. 


Want to ace your Mehndi look? Want to look perfect queen on your mehendi day? Always think spring! That’s a first rule for choosing your mehendi look always go for bright and traditional colors like vibrant yellows, purple, orange, red and green. Some girls can also go for pastels color theme, choose your mehendi theme according to the season you are getting married.


The bride and her bridesmaid dances should be ready, and synchronized as soon as brides gets her mehendi done it’s a party time! Held in a colourful mehndi function venue, it requires a specially curated Mehndi songs playlist, choreographed dance performances and in comfortable clothes. In these days girls are also opting for wearing a pair of sneakers for their dances.


For all those brides who are in for something different for their mehendi , a swag-worthy style statements like a safa or a turban can worn by bride, large earrings, juttis or brooches which say 'Betiwale', 'Swag bride', 'Pataka' and 'Dulhan' etc are some nice options to go for.


Matching duppattas , shirts or infact some color coordinated bangles are perfect look to enjoy your mehendi , because we all want the picture perfect mehndi photos!

A Mehndi ceremony is all about fun, enthusiasm and a pop of light during a hectic wedding period. This peppy mood translates best to the mehndi decor as well. Imagine bright colours - pink, magenta, yellow, orange, blue and green across the venue, either as fabric awnings, floral elements, live performers, perky installations or even photobooths.

So, what are the elements that can be added to your henna day setup? Here are some takeaways:

1. Installations and ideas:

These installations can be rickshaws, bikes, scooters or even other photo booth elements that add to the fun of the occasion.

2. Flowers:

Flower decoration can enhance the appeal, be it with a focal element, like the bridal seat or bridal swing, as a floral backdrop or even venue and entrances.

3. Live performers:

Dancers and live music, or aligning mehndi artists and stalls for mehndi games are some best options to go for your mehendi day.

A mehndi ceremony is expected to be a point of delight, tradition and beauty, with emotional tangents. We hope that this island of fun adds many more memories to your wedding experience.