Daytime wedding sounds dreamy isn't? We at The Shaadi Filmers always prefer daytime intimate events over late-night events, daytime events has its own charm and beauty, all guests wearing light colors, the perfect decoration and the sunlight always a best friend for any bride’s makeup and also a bonus for photographers and videographers. In Pakistan and especially in Karachi, it is becoming a trend to do daylight weddings or daylight wedding shoots, which is trust us the best option a couple can go for, daylight events have its perks and benefits.

As a wedding photographer in Karachi, we at The Shaadi Filmers face a lot of queries from our clients asking us for some insights for daytime weddings, so we thought why don’t we do something about it.

So We’ve rounded up the most common questions surrounding a midday wedding which can come up to any couple’s mind when planning a daylight wedding.

What Should Your Timeline Look Like?

The biggest difference between a daytime and evening wedding is, of course, the timing. A couple can easily spend an entire day getting ready for their 7 p.m. ceremony, a bride can reach her salon around 2-3 pm and can get ready by 6 pm for couple photoshoot, so moving all that getting ready up to11 a.m. means getting creative with timings and probably a very early start. Counting backward from 11 a.m., you will want to leave for your ceremony at around 1 pm, which means putting on your dress and being done with makeup by max 12 pm. Allocate some hours for traveling and reaching early as well to get you are getting ready and couple portraits were done. So managing time is a key point.

It is necessary to be strict about the timings so the couple can enjoy their wedding to the fullest and nothings are missed whether it is a photoshoot or family portraits sessions.

What Should We Do After the Wedding?

You can get free from your ceremony around 4 pm then you have the whole day, some couples even get their photoshoot done around 5 pm to get the golden hour feels in their shoot, which is also a good idea to save time. The couple can also enjoy a whole evening together at a hotel and can leave for the honeymoon. Some couples also opt for an intimate celebratory dinner, either just for two or with your immediate families. Many of TSF's clients opt for these options.

Can we Celebrate Proper Shaadi/Valima event in daylight?

In Pakistan, it is becoming a trend for daylight nikkah, engagement and infects mendhi but still, some people consider it taboo to celebrate proper events in the daytime. Of course, a formal event like weddings during the day is not quite the same as a white tie at night, but daytime events have their own charms.

What Should We Wear?

Most couples who are having a daytime wedding opt for a slightly lighter and less formal version of traditional wedding attire. For a man, if it is a reception or engagement, you can go for a suit in gray or blue instead of black or a morning coat instead of a formal tuxedo. For a woman, a traditional wedding attire like lehenga, gharara or if you prefer something simple then a gown or maxi would also work.

What should be the theme?

Your wedding is totally incomplete without a proper theme, like in our previous mention blog "Guide to desi Mendhi" theme is a major part of any wedding this day. People are opting for a craziest theme like “money heist theme”, Bollywood theme wedding, and theme can also be based on a particular color like peach, fawn, pink, etc depending on what color the couple selects. Your guests’ attire will depend on the formality you choose for the event, though they, like the couple, may opt for lighter colors and fabrics.

What fun activates can we do at a daytime wedding?

Of course! Weddings without some fun and activates are boring, so why not go for a photo booth, or a dance floor, karaoke station or a live photo session. Soft live music is also a good option to go for, these days couple is not afraid of choosing new ideas and options to make their wedding a memorable one. The one major advantage of the daytime wedding is that guests have no worries regarding the next day's work, they are chill and enjoy this is a major setback at night weddings people are rush to go home.

What Should We Serve?

Do not forget to feed people, because let us face it food is a major attraction in any wedding. With a wedding during prime mealtime, a full menu is key. You can go either opt for brunch or even tea, is a good option, But if you have guests over 500 then we suggest you go for a proper lunch menu. Essentially serving the same meal you might offer at an evening wedding, Chicken, seafood’s are good options to go for. Consider a waffle bar full of toppings, serving fresh juices/drinks is best if you are opting for a summer wedding.

We hope our guide will help all those couples in distress, makes it easy for them to plan a daytime wedding easily.