Wedding without a theme is always boring, and in desi culture, like Pakistan and India, it's hard to believe that Wedding Themes are a thing now, and the new brides and grooms are going gaga over it. To have a wedding theme is the trendiest thing right now. Imagine how beautiful it looks when all the elements of your wedding are in sync and according to a particular shade and are perfectly coordinated with any color for your choice, as summer has just started we at TSF decided to bring some amazing theme ideas and inspiration for your big days. The vibe of a wedding with a theme is different, it looks gorgeous, and on top, it creates some picture-perfect memories for a lifetime.

Without further ado, here we present the best Pakistani wedding themes of 2020 which you must consider if you're planning a wedding this year, as this global pandemic of the corona has already disturbed us, brides now have much time on their hands to figure out different ideas.

We've curated a list of 5 best Pakistani wedding themes of 2020 which are unique and stand out from the crowd and makes your wedding, the wedding of the year.

Rustic Wedding Theme

As the name implies, this theme will be based on all the rustic color, like brown, golden, fawn and peach. You can use rustic colors flowers and some lanterns, big wooden doors, and that earthy feel, all of it is coming back as "first on the list" of the modern era couples. The generation now really loves to explore so you guys can opt for a place with some earthy feelings, like a garden or a farmhouse away from the city. The rustic theme demands everything to be very original, understandable and leaves the guests with a very calm and 'essential to roots' feel.

Theme Inspired by Nature

Staying close to nature is never a bad option, the couple in Pakistan, in fact, got their wedding done between the mountains of SAWAT, and truly, it was something amazing yet so mesmerizing to see. Imbibing nature in the decor of the wedding is the second natural demand made to the top wedding planners in Pakistan. Rather than hosting an indoor wedding, couples wish to get married in the natural environment, in the garden, amidst the trees and blossoming flowers. Well, again, it is a lovely theme and creates a very serene vibe at the wedding.

Bollywood Theme

Who doesn't love to have some desi masla wedding? Bollywood theme is your best bet if you are a filmy couple who would love to have a photo booth in their wedding, Bollywood songs as your wedding play list some amazing bhangra and live dances, what's better than having gol gapa and chat station? So this is also a theme you can opt for weddings.

Travel-based Wedding Theme

If both couples are travel enthusiast, then why don't plan a travel-based wedding where you guys can arrange a small intimate setup, having a travel themed wedding is a brilliant idea. For this, you don't need much and it is cost-effective if you plan it carefully, maybe a calligraphed globe on the table, a passport-style invite, and a compass sticker for guiding the directions, we are sure with all these you'll have excellent travel experience filled wedding.

Royal Theme Wedding

For those thinking this theme to be out, NO, it is still in. With a beautiful and heavy wedding dress like Sharara and gharara or a maxi with a long tale, you climb down from between the clouds and get married to your prince. Wow, who won't love this Pakistani wedding idea? Royal theme weddings require those scrolled invites, minimalist white bunting and just the right amount of gold and silver used by the event planners. A long red carpet, a horse buggy to carry out our beautiful couple just like a fairytale.

Themes play a vital role in any wedding, so make sure you opt for something unique yet easily done so you and your guests can remember your wedding forever.