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We love sharing weddings with our readers and believe that there is no 'right' way to throw a wedding. We love showing couples how their wedding can be all about them and that it’s ok to break traditions to make the day their own. Since beginning GWS, our mission has been to help couples personalize their wedding day.

Wedding months that are suitable to have a perfect wedding

May We all know that in May, the weather becomes pleasant and it is a perfect time to get married surrounded by flowers. you sure do have to face difficulty in finding a wedding venue in this season because it is the time of the year when most of the couple get married. The only way to avoid this trouble is to book the wedding vendors one or two months before.

June Like the month May, June is also one of the most popular wedding months because of the same reason i.e pleasant weather. You can have many outdoor wedding activities to engage your guests.!

September is the third best wedding month like spring, this month gives the perfect autumn feels. The weather gets milder and you can easily enjoy your wedding without falling into trouble.

October is the last month in which you can have a perfect wedding before the winters start.

Sana and Faraz

After falling in love with the history and the architecture of Mt. Washington Mill Dye House in Maryland, Sana and Faraz knew that they had found the perfect backdrop for the industrial minimalist wedding they had always wanted! With the help of Eventi Florals & Events and the floral talents of Crimson & Clover Floral Design, the couple hung greenery and Edison bulbs from the rafters, set up raw wood tables and copper chairs, and added bright, colorful blooms for a look that was uniquely them. Sana was a bride after our hearts, and not just because she styled her fun and flirty Hayley Paige gown with a magnolia headpiece and sparkly Jimmy Choos! She learned hand-lettering prior to the wedding and made each of the magnolia leaf place cards for their guests — how sweet is that?! We can hardly get over how captivating these images from With Love & Embers turned out and how the couple radiated excitement from beginning to end!

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Arsalan Sidd

Sorry i'm a little late for the review but its never too late..!! here you go..The shaadi Filmers have been an amazing choice for us.We got our wedding event coverage by them, and they have proven to be the best choice.The shaadi Filmers and team was so coperative, punctual and Professional.Your team is super amazing and fun to work with; they made us feel so comfortable.We are glad to choose you as our photographer.Thank you for such a professional and good response.You and your team made all the wedding events worth remembering.Much satisfied with the pictures you have uploaded so far.I would without a doubt 💯 recommend The Shaadi Filmers to everyone! They have everything you could have wanted in a photography.This was our first experience with them yet they keep our trust and prove their amazing skills, your team capture everything so perfectly, love your work and all the detailings♥️ Thankyou fazila syed it was a pleasure meeting you and you team💖😊Best of luck for future and keep shining bright! Thankyou once again❣ Regards, Arsalan & Nida